Never underestimate the Power of Hekate

So, the post man arrived yesterday morning and in his bag of goodies was my contirbutor copy of Hekate: Sacred Fires. I ripped open the cardboard packaging like a child on christmas morning and greedily flicked through.

I wanted so desperately to sit down and read right there and then but events an obligations conspired against me, patience was never my strong point, but eventually late afternoon I sat down to read.

I finally finished it some 24hrs later, I am wrung out both intellectually and emotionally, my full review can be found here.

I just want to use this post not only to point out the review, which I hope will be of use to those that read this blog, but to thank my long suffering family; my husband in particular, who has reminded me to eat, and plied me with rich red wine and chocolate in the intervening period between opening and closing this book, suffice to say, her presence is pretty damn strong, and the secret little promise to myself to take a break for a while from all things Hekate, might, just might, have to go on hold, there is still so much more to learn, do and experience.

3 thoughts on “Never underestimate the Power of Hekate

  1. Sophie Odyssea

    Wonderful review, thank you. I am looking forward to read you and the other contributors. A very exciting time for me – I am at the beginning of my Hekate journey, and I am filling myself with all the guidance and inspiration I can find (She is a wonderful guide, though).

  2. Winter

    Hello, and a very merry meet!

    You dont know me, but i go by Winter. For years i have been attracked to the goddess Hekate, but in all honesty never dwelled to deep into it, but the strange (or not so strange?) force always drew me right back, and slowly over the years iv learned more and more, and ive found myself realising why all of this is happening. As im sure you know, Hekate is not the type of goddess to baby you along, shes not the type to open up and say “Here i am for you” You must find her, and if you are meant for it, you will….I believe she has given me little hints as to her being there, things i was meant to pick up on and further myself into her, but seeing as how younge i was, i didnt get that right away, but after years of gathering the clues in my head, i see it, Hekate is calling to me to accept her, and i am more then willing, but im afraid, i dont know how to properly go about this, and i feel i was lead to your site for a good reason, maybe you can help me? I do hope you get up with me, threw either facebook or e-mail one.

    Blessed be

  3. Tara Post author

    Thankyou for your lovely and heartfelt response, sorry for the dely in responding I have been out the country for some time on holiday. Fear is an interesting concept, being wary and being fearful produce similar chemical responses, the former protects you the later paralyses you and learning the difference between the two is sometime not an easy thing. If you feel you are being called then she will find a way for you to work this out; I would heartily recommend the exercise in the link I provided, it hasn’t been thought up willy nilly but is the work of an experienced and acomplished priestess that I know.

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