Hekate: Her Sacred Fires

Just a quick one tonight, just thought you might like to see our offerings to the Sacred Fires project.

Yours truly being just a little bit Dennis Wheatly 😀

And a gathering of friends

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  1. Annmarie


    I have enjoyed watching your videos. The one with your group of friends was great. May I ask a couple of questions please? I’d love to know what the background music was. Also, while asperging yourselves…could you please explain to me what you did and with what? Also, what did you toss and for what purpose? An offering perhaps? I have a small group of friends who get together to learn with one another and I’d be really eager to share this with them if you permit.

    Thank you very much.

    In Nomine Hekate!


  2. Tara Post author

    I AnnMarie, thankyou for commenting and I am very glad you enjoyed the videos.

    The liquid we used for Asperging was hyssop and rue steeped in water; both of which have a long history as purification and protective herbs. Hyssop is specifically mentioned in the magickal Grimoire known as the Key of Solomon and actually is found in the bible again for purification. We touched our third eye and rinsed our hands as an actual of ritual pruification which was very important in ancient Greek Magic.

    We threw barley grains across the altar as an offering, this was thought to be one of the main ingredients in the scared drink Kykeon which the initiates at Eleusis drank prior to arriving at the temple of Demeter. Hekate has connections with this sacred rite and in fact later as a eucharistic act we drank a modern version of Kykeon as part of our rite.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Annmarie

    Thank you Tara. It helped very much. Can you tell me what the background music is? I’ll have to rewatch and see if I have more questions. Tell me, do you think that this rite is good not only for dedicating yourself to Hekate, but for any time you approach her in ritual? Thanks again for all you’ve put out there. In Nomine Hekate! Annmarie

  4. Tara Post author

    Hi Anne Marie, if memory serves me correct it was the “Bull Horned Maiden” by Jade Sol Luna, his tracks are very ambient and he is a devotee of Hekate; they are available for download from Amazon.

  5. Tara Post author

    As for the rite, I have known people to use it both as a dedication rite and as a devotional peice since it was first perform back in May. If you haven’t already heard of it, you may be interested in the Covenant of Hekate, it is a brand new organisation set up for people to further their knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of Hekate. The URL is http://www.hekatecovenant.com.

  6. Annmarie

    Thank you Tara. My friends and I did the rite back in May and from that moment I believed it was a perfect way to call on Hekate. I’m going to join the CoH, as a matter of fact I am working on my own Hymn TO Hekate at present. I bought a few of the books: Her Sacred Fires, Liminal Rites, Crossroads, and Queen of Hell which I find rather interesting. I read of various ingredients that may have been used to make kykeon, on of which was steeping barley and some sort of mint…perhaps pennyroyal. I was thinking perhaps the barley and mint tea might be a nice variation. I appreciate all of your help. I’m so eager to learn. But as you say, “do not wait for leaders; do it alone”. So here I am, a humble student of Hekate awaiting her guidance.

    Many Thanks. In Nomine Hekate! Annmarie

  7. Tara Post author

    Indeed you can, a cat that adopted me several years ago despite having a perfectly good home already. We were sure we had hearded all my feline friends from the vicinity before we started, but he suddenly appeared from under the altar cloth; what is it they say; don’t work with children or animals.

  8. Athena

    Hi Tara,

    That was a Great rite for Hekate. I was hoping to do one with my coven and am gearing up for one. Although I’m sure it is, I don’t recall if your recipe for a energizing flame is mentioned in your book. I never seem to get the fires in my cauldrons to flame vibrant and long. My question to you is, what herbs and elements did you use to create such a great fire in the cauldron? Thanks.


  9. Tara Post author

    Hi Athena, I am glad you enjoyed this years rite.
    Sorry for the late reply I have been so busy this year that my blog has sort of fallen by the way side. I shall be rectifying that over the coming year I promise. Any way I will let you into my secret regarding any flame I use on my altar, its not very special or arcane, its Bio-ethanol gel fuel, its smokeless, its reasonably safe and reasonably priced. Its also reasonably easy to deal with should you happen to spill it as it can be smothered quickly and evaporates within a very short while.

    I hope that helps


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