The Covenant of Hekate

On this Halloween day, I sit here typing with a building sense of excitement, something special is about to happen, people across the globe are coming together as a community to work for a common purpose, regardless of background, tradition or religious persuasion.

The Covenant of Hekate (CoH) was born out of the desire to create a community and centre of study for those who share a passion for the history, mysteries and magic of the Goddess Hekate. This desire was dramatically demonstrated on 27th May 2010 when thousands of people worldwide performed the Rite of Her Sacred Fires ritual created by Sorita d’Este as an act of devotion to the goddess Hekate.

I am deeply honoured to announce that I have been invited to be one of the first Torchbearers, who can offer mentoring, teaching, workshops and help facilitate the running of this community. The applications for membership are open on the 1st of November; thats just a very few hours away. I look forward to meeting so many new people who dance in her flames.

2 thoughts on “The Covenant of Hekate

  1. Blackbird

    I would like a little more information about Keybearers? where is the Group located? are you in the Western United States? Can you please send me Informaiton on this, Thank you

  2. Hecate Oliva

    Merry We Meet!

    I have an interesting question for you. I have been taking classes from one of your branch off temples and it is amazing. However I am not a begginer in the sense of my family history can be traced back as Stregans (Italy’s Old Religion) for about 1150 years, we’ve even done dna’s on skeletons found that support our time estimate. What I am lloking for is a one on one situation around Hekate.
    It was my Father that was teaching it to me in secret as my Mom was not in approval of this. He innitiated me when I was 10, and 3 mos before he died he made me High Priestess of our family line. And there is the problem, because it was so secretive and he died when I was so young there are holes here and there. In many ways I feel advanced, and in otherwisw just dont have the practice. So what I need is someone to be an apprentice too, who adores Hekate as I and my family does. (BTW the reason yhis name was given out of veneration and in return my life is devoted to her and I would love to be a priestess or high priestes to her.

    I thought this would be the place, Covenant of Hekate sounds great. I am not a beginer I know how to cast a circle, I pray in thanks mor than asking for things. My requests are usually just to show me the way. I scry, use the pendulum, tarot and have had successfull seances and psychic prediction,elemental work, ancestral work etc. Actual spells, potions, healing, and comtroling energy are what I think I’m needing to know. I am a very willing learner is there anyone interested in a casual one on one chat type thing to further hopelly each other’s abilities?

    Blessed Be
    Hecate )Magic name Obsidian) Call me either.

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