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Hekate: A Devotional

Hekate Devotional Buy Now!I have had this little gem on my desk for a while now, and as I have five minutes on this smashing Friday afternoon I thought I would take some time to tell you about it.

I’m not always keen on devotional works, but this book is head and shoulders above most books of that ilk. It’s been an absolute delight to read. Well edited. Well formatted and most importantly well written.

Seriously I’ve read a few book recently that would make your hair curl so this was REALLY refreshing.

The book is arranged into eight chapters covering such subjects as Household shrines, Crossroads, Death and Transformation. Vivienne has a fluid and gentle “voice” that smacks of someone that has done the work. Her writing in passionate and intensely personal. I couldn’t help but smile at the following statement:-

The writing of this book is an offering to Hekate. The sacrifice is knowing that not everyone will agree or like what I say within these pages. Some, I’m sure, will not understand the way I see and feel Hekate. I may get negative feedbacks, or worse, none at all. Maybe some will laugh or be offended with what I have written. That is the chance I am willing to take. For Hekate – for myself. Even if just one person is touched by this devotional then it will be worth it.

I could feel that statement deep in my soul, having been there myself it is a deep knowing you cannot shake. Well I am not laughing, I am applauding. I think this is a wonderful book and if people havent bought it I want to know why not. Because Its NOT been put out there to cash in on what is currently a very popular market. Its a work of magick in the truest sense of the word. Well done Moon Books for publishing it and well done Vivenne for writing it. I hope we get to meet someday I think we might have a lot in common.


Perfectionism or Procrastination?

So having spent a fair portion of the first half of this year working on other projects, some Hekate related, others not, I realised that somewhere along the line getting this site up and running has fallen by the wayside, part of the problem is my perfectionist nature, I find it very hard to do anything unless I can guarantee 100% commitment to what ever the project is, obviously what enevitably happens is that not a lot ever gets done, a totally unsatisfactory occurance all things considered.

So in an attempt to rectify this I have started adding pages to the book review section of this site, I hope people find it informative and perhaps the subject matter thought provoking. The first review is up and can be located in the pages section (look in the menu to the right) under, yup you guessed it “Book Reviews”, it is a review of “Hekate, Liminal Rites” by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine; anyhoo possibly rambling now so I will shut up and let you enjoy 😀